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J Munroe Acrylics Recycling Ltd – recycling since 1914

Since the company was founded over 100 years ago, J Munroe has remained a genuine family business, but one that has moved with the times, from generation to generation. Today we are one of the foremost plastic waste recycling companies in the UK, boasting specialised equipment that we have designed ourselves and often producing bespoke products and practices to accommodate the particular needs of our customers – an indication of how we customise our services to every new client.

We operate our own transport including lorries and plant, once again often customised to provide the most efficient solutions possible.

We work with you to reduce waste and recycle plastics in an efficient, legal and ethically responsible manner in order that they may be formulated into usable products in industry. We are continually investing in our business and your interests in order to offer our customers the best possible solution to scrap plastics recycling.

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